Fashion Jewelry Online: Unique Review of Queendesignby Jewelry Website

The time has come to pick out some new accessories from the vast array of fashion jewelry online. Well-chosen jewelry will provide the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit. Below are some of the most breathtaking examples of fashion jewelry, all sure to get you noticed with their sparkle and glamour.

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We always enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion jewelry trends. With summer only around the corner, we thought we would review one of our top online jewelry shop that will help you make a good choice when it comes to buying jewelry online. It's something many used to be apprehensive about doing on the web, but you have such detailed information about each piece now that you can buy with confidence.


The people behind have been involved in the jewelry industry for years and are professionals in sourcing and making fine jewelry. They've always been disappointed with the jewelry sold through most department stores, so with the advent of the internet, they realized there was something they could do. That's when they opened to provide quality, fashion jewelry direct to people's homes.

The jewelry at Queendesignby is made of the finest materials, they take care of the metals used, and the craftsmanship has to be of a very high standard. This consistent quality, plus providing the best customer service they believe, makes them stand out from the crowd. Combined with this, they have a 100% price guarantee so you can be sure you're receiving quality and value.

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Queendesignby is an online jewelry store with years of experience in the industry. Their mission is to sell the finest quality jewelry at the best value and price you can find. They're able to offer good value by cutting out the middlemen and distribution chain so commonly found in the jewelry industry and sell directly from the manufacturers. This means their customers benefit from lower prices. has thousands of satisfied customers, and they put this down to taking a personalized approach to every transaction. By doing this, they offer the highest standards in customer service. They have jewelry experts on hand 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. They want their customers to have a "pleasant shopping experience" and have made their website with this in mind.


When looking through the Queendesignby range, you can see that they only sell the finest quality pieces. Below we go through their website and go through what you can expect to find:


There are a sensational choice of earrings; some are very exquisite. They have selected the finest earrings, especially in the fashion earrings section with some lovely and unique designs.

There is a wide range of different earrings available in various styles like rose gold, hoops, drops, multi-color, and more. Some designs are quite bold and intricate, like these Rose Gold Earrings Collection. The product pages helpfully suggest similar designs in the earrings and pendants section if you're looking for other jewelry to match.

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The selection here are mainly necklaces, but if you're looking for pendants as well, then it's always worth looking in the necklaces section of any online jewelry store. Once you've chosen the type of necklace you're after, you can refine your search by metal, style, or price. In the necklaces section, we saw this lovely Rock & Roll Necklace with Pearl vintage gold design.


The pendants on offer are particularly well crafted. There's a good range of solitaire pendants with silver, rose gold, and many more, all starting at reasonable prices.

The range of designs within each style of pendant is very varied. We like how there are fun and unique designs as well as elegant and classic ones. An example of this is this Pinky Silver Pendant Set. Then the next page will contain the elegant and classic Cutie leaf pendant sets.


All Queendesignby jewelry is hand-selected, and they have chosen the most original and unique pieces when it comes to bracelets. There are many here that you won't find anywhere else, like this Charm Letter Bracelet, which features stainless steel and 18k gold plated. While not having a big selection, what they do have is well worth looking at.

Customer reviews puts customer service and experience at the top of the list when it comes to the importance of their business. For this reason, their clients only have praise, and we are yet to see one bad review. A few of the customer reviews are:

"Queendesignby is the best!! Don't waste the weeks of time that I spent with anyone else. After wasting weeks at stores and showrooms in the suburbs and jewelers row downtown, I thankfully found"


"Queendesignby got me the product overnight, and their detailed pictures and information on their web site gave me all the confidence I needed to know I was getting a good quality product."


"I just want to thank everyone at for making our shopping experience the best that it could be... The pricing on their website also can't be beaten. Highly recommend!!!"


"The pricing and value were superior to anything I saw on other sites... Great setting advice and customer service."


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Queendesignby takes their customers' happiness very seriously, and you can see by the reviews above that they certainly succeed in keeping their customers satisfied. Some of the finer details when making a purchase are:

  • Shipping - Shipping on all orders is free USPS standard shipping - use the link above at special offers to make sure you have this. The shipment is fully insured while in transit, so you shop online risk-free. Saturday and Sunday delivery are available at a cost.
  • Returns - Queendesignby wants you to be happy with your purchase; however, if you are not completely satisfied, you can return it for a refund or exchange within 30 days of shipment. They ask that you email them first and obtain a returns authorization number.


The fashion jewelry at is sensational, they have a reasonable selection, and some pieces are simply stunning. The pendant sets and fashion earrings are two particularly stand out collections. Add to this; their prices are very reasonable, you won't be paying much for high-quality jewelry. We're impressed by their prices when you consider how good their jewelry is.

The website is very professional, easy to use, and well laid out. It was always going to be difficult to show their vast range easily. So, fortunately, you have a search bar on the upper right, and you can navigate easily by price, material, and type.

You can't go wrong with, and we agree with them when they say you'll have a very pleasant shopping experience. Overall we think if you want fine, high-end jewelry to enjoy browsing through, then Queendesignby is the ideal choice as they have hundreds of well-made, well-designed pieces.